Rangoli Colour



Thanks to their natural composition, they are not toxic, and are not harmful for health or the environment either.  

2. Gluten-Free


They are manufactured with Crud oil products: their base is dolomite powder and crud pigment coloring.  

3. Washable


Dolomite colour powders are soap and water washable. They clean easily from skin, hair, clothing and smooth surfaces, such as walls and floors, or roughened such as asphalt or concrete diwali colour rangoli colour

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Our product are totally flameproof, both resting and in suspension, even when they are pulverized with cannons or different methods. We have the non flammable products Certification.  

5. Manufactured with colour products


They are manufactured with Crud oil products: their base is dolomite powder and crud pigment coloring. rangoli colour diwali colour

6.Produced in Gujarat


Our Colour  are entirely produced in our vadodara located facilities, under strict quality and safety controls. rangoli colour diwali colour



  • Use the powder on outdoors or well-ventilated places
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes or mucous membranes
  • Wear gloves/clothes/protective glasses when throwing the powder.
  • Avoid inhaling powder.
  • The powder’s use is not recommended for people that suffer from asthma or severe allergy problems.
  • It is not safe for eating purposes.
  • It is not safe as a toy for children.
  • If you feel any annoyances on your eyes, take off your contact lenses (if you are wearing them and it is easy), wash the area with plenty of water for several minutes until the annoyance disappears. If it doesn’t, see a doctor.

Make sure you are buying a safe product.

Recently, Rangoli parties are fashionable and that has caused from many companies to import and sell rangoli Colour without any kind of control.
Many Rangoli colour, available in the market are of bad quality, they don’t meet the current legislation and some of them are even dangerous. 

To avoid inconveniences and accidents with serious consequences, before you buy rangoli colour,

The organizer must take into consideration that if the rangoli colour do not include any identification of the manufacturer, the person responsible in case of an accident will be the buyer, given that the product will not be able to be linked with the seller. 

The bags have all the legal information written on them:

  • Manufacturer: It is mandatory that every bag or package has the details of the manufacturer.
  • Composition: it is mandatory that every bag has the ingredients and components of the colour. This information can be vital in case any kind of intoxication or allergy reaction treatment is needed.
  • Instructions: every article or product must have the instructions of use.
  • Precautions: according to the law, every bag or package of rangoli colour must have the security precautions printed on them.

They are fire-repellant

  • Every rangoli colour, in general, is non-flammable when resting, and many sellers take the opportunity to indicate and guarantee that their rangoli colour are non-flammable, but these colour are not at all non-flammable when they are thrown, and that makes them very dangerous.
  • Rangoli colour that are not non-flammable are extremely inflammable and explosive when thrown into the air, in suspension.
  • Do not trust any colour that is only made out of flour (corn, rice, wheat…) and colorant. If they do not have any other ingredient, they are inflammable.
  • Our Rangoli colour are completely non-flammable, when resting and in suspension.

The rangoli colour are made safely

Our Rangoli colour are entirely made at our facilities located in Vadodara GJ IN, under strict quality and security controls.