Dolomite Powder Report Analysis

The Present Scenario About Dolomite

Dolomite powder at present time,does not form on the surface of the earth; yet massive layers of dolomite can be found in ancient dolomite rocks.

Dolomite is a double carbonate of calcium and magnesium. CaCO3, MgCO3.

Theoretically, Dolomite Contains

CaCo3                54.35%

MgCO3               45.65%

In Other Words, Dolomite Contains

CaO                     32.2%

MgO                    22.0

CO2                     37.6%

 In nature, considerable variations in the composition of dolomite relating to lime and magnesia percentages are found. When the percentage of CaCO3 increases by 10% or more over the theoretical composition, the mineral is termed 'calcitic dolomite', 'high-calcium dolomite' or 'lime-dolomite'. With the decrease in percentage of MgCO3, it is called 'dolomitic limestone'. With the variations of MgCO3 between 5 to 10%, it is called 'magnesian limestone', and upto 5% MgCO3 or less it is taken to be limestone for all purposes in trade and commercial parlance. colour powder

Dolomite usually contains impurities, chiefly silica, alumina and iron oxide. For commercial purposes, the percentage of combined impurities should not go beyond 7% above which, it becomes unsuitable for industrial use. It is then used only for road ballasts, building stones, flooring chips etc. 

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Dolomite Chemical Analysis

Chemical Analysis                   %

SiO2 ( silica )                             0.20

Al2O3 (aluminium)                  0.85 

Fe2O3 (iron)                             0.15

CaO (calcium)                          32.2

MgO (magnesium)                  22.0

Insoluble                                  0.094

Na2CO3                                    ------

TiO2 (titumiun dioxide)          -----

R2O3 (mixed oxides)              1.0

Loss On Ignition                      43.5

Total                                          99.994

Recommended Filled of Application

Kind of powder     Dolomite

Ceramics                        •

Chinaware                      •

Excavation                      •

Elecrode                          •

Feed                                •

Glass  Glaze                    •    

Glue                                 •


(p.v.c)                              •

Insecticide                      •

Isolation                         •

Lining                             •

Paint                              •

Pharmaceutical              •

Plastic                            •

Rulp & paper                  •

Rubber                           •

Textile                            •

Agricultural                  •

Steel                            •

Detergent                    •

Laboratory                   •

Construction                •

Aquaculture                 •

Rangoli colour             •

Holi colour                   •

Dolomite chips            •

Pharmaceutical           •

Cement                       •

Horticulture                 •

Marine aquariums