COO & CFO of Shanti Mineral


About Vikas Pokar

Mr. Vikas Pokar is a young and dynamic entrepreneur working with a sheer level of tenacity to succeed in his business. At only 23 years old, Vikas Pokar has already triumphed in the dolomite powder manufacturing industry. His company prides to deliver the best quality product with a competitive market price. Vikas Pokar is extremely vigorous about entrepreneurship.

Moreover, Vikasbhai, son of Shree Vitthaldas Pokar who is managing director of Shanti Mineral, is just about to amalgamate also into a dolomite powder industry with his own instincts, potential, caliber and perseverance at the very much small age of 21.

Vikas Pokar  is no stranger to Dolomite powder & Om rangoli industry, having spent only 1 year as a director and an MD where he oversaw purchase, sales & production sectors of the company.

Vikas Pokar has very few years of experience in dolomite powder & Colour Rangoli industries.Prior to starting his dolomite powder business, Vikas Pokar spent few years as a manager in the industry so he has cultivated his multi-disciplinary skills to the fullest extension.

Vikasbhai is launching the “OM RANGOLI” with the completely ethical and moral ideology of cooperating each and every lower class and common people, to motivate and boost up them to cultivate their skill at full extension , one can implement his own thoughts , and everyone must secure his enough financial reward against his hard work in the company, which is clearly justifying our honorable prime minister Shree Narendra Modi’s scheme “everyone’s companionship, everyone’s development”.

Before joining shanti mineral. In 2017-2018 Vikas Pokar worked for few years for a diverse range of organizations in Dolomite powder industries.

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