CEO of Shanti Mineral ( Dolomite powder )

CEO of Shanti Mineral


By proving and justifying the proverb “experience is the best teacher” he managed to gradually expand his business with his vast experience of 20 years from the year 1990 to the year 2010.Vitthalbhai’s persistence and burning desire have transformed his sown seeds of business into a gigantic and huge tree of business.

From 2012 to 2017, due to Vitthalbhai pokar’s unstoppable and impeccable pace attempts, om rangoli has now achieved and clinched the tag as one of the evolved and prominent company in the market and achieved many milestones.now to uplift this business journey and to paddle up the company’s growth acceleration, Shree Vikasbhai V. Pokar, son of Vitthalbhai Pokar, is all set to join this company to hoist the success flag of his company and to add many more jewels to company’s crown of success.

“Shanti Mineral” is the Gujarat, Andhrapradesh , Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka,first company for having fully equipped testing laboratory for checking all quality parameters with all latest and cutting-edge technologies.

By supporting the “save environment “campaign and being an eco-friendly company, first time ever, total production will be from lead-free materials.

dolomite powder.